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5 Piece Construction Bathroom Doors

Prices start from £5.33

The classic format of a vinyl wrapped, five-piece construction with a framed centre panel delivers a great result time and again, and in KBB’s extensive choice of colours and woodgrain finishes, can suit a great variety of tastes. Individual components create the five-piece door or drawer front, giving it authenticity and, in woodgrains, a look almost impossible to distinguish from real timber.

  • Range:
    Five Piece Shaker Range

  • Door Style:
    5 Piece Shaker

    5 Piece Shaker
  • Matt Cream.jpg

    KBB Matt Cream
  • Matt Ivory Woodgrain.jpg

    KBB Matt Ivory Woodgrain
  • Matt Lissa Oak.jpg

    KBB Matt Lissa Oak
  • Matt Medium Walnut.jpg

    KBB Matt Medium Walnut
  • Matt Mussell.jpg

    KBB Matt Mussel

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Finish Adding Side Panels

2. Hole Distance from Bottom (mm)

4. Hole Distance from Bottom (mm)

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