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Acrylic Bathroom Doors

Prices start from £4.87

Thanks to a stunning acrylic finish, the matchless gloss of Sorrento brings out an incredible depth and richness in its wide choice of colours and woodgrains, in bespoke, made-to-measure sizes if required. These doors are precisely manufactured taking a sustainably sourced MDF door layered with a 1mm acrylic front, edged with PVC and a melamine back to give a look of real class and quality that will lift the look and feel of any space firmly into the 21st century.

  • Range:
    Sorrento Acrylic Range

  • Door Style:

  • sBlack.jpg

    Sorrento Gloss Black
  • sorrento_matt_heritage_green.jpg

    Sorrento Matt Heritage Green
  • sorrento_matt_porcelain.jpg

    Sorrento Matt Porcelain
  • sorrento_matt_taupe_grey.jpg

    Sorrento Matt Taupe Grey
  • sWhite.jpg

    Sorrento Gloss White
  • sorrento_matt_pebble.jpg

    Sorrento Matt Pebble
  • sAnthracite.jpg

    Sorrento Gloss Anthracite
  • sorrento_matt_stone_grey.jpg

    Sorrento Matt Stone Grey
  • sLight Grey.jpg

    Sorrento Gloss Light Grey
  • sorrento_matt_indigo.jpg

    Sorrento Matt Indigo
  • Sorrento-Gloss-Dust-Grey.jpg

    Sorrento Gloss Dust Grey
  • Sorrento-Gloss-Graphite.jpg

    Sorrento Gloss Graphite
  • KBB - Out of Stock.jpg

    Sorrento Matt Cashmere
  • Sorrento-Matt-Dust-Grey.jpg

    Sorrento Matt Dust Grey
  • Sorrento-Matt-Graphite.jpg

    Sorrento Matt Graphite
  • Sorrento-Matt-Light-Grey.jpg

    Sorrento Matt Light Grey
  • Sorrento-Matt-White.jpg

    Sorrento Matt White Grey

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