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Handle-less Kitchen Doors

Prices start from £6.13

The sleek, contemporary handle-less style is what Treviso is all about. In gloss or matt and KBB’s usual extensive choice of colours and fabulous woodgrains, Treviso can be supplied in sizes to suit your project. Using the same construction as our Saturn doors, high gloss or sumptuous woodgrain vinyl finish wrapped seamlessly over a sustainably sourced MDF core with a melamine back, you can achieve a look which is both subtle and sleek in your home.

  • Range:
    Treviso Handle-less Range

  • Door Style:
    Treviso Handle-less

    Treviso Handle-less
  • Matt Brown Grey Avola.jpg

    KBB Matt Brown Grey Avola
  • Matt Dakar Woodgrain.jpg

    KBB Matt Dakar Woodgrain
  • legno_marine_blue.jpg

    KBB Matt Legno Marine Blue Woodgrain
  • Matt Lissa Oak.jpg

    KBB Matt Lissa Oak
  • Matt Medium Walnut.jpg

    KBB Matt Medium Walnut
  • Matt Mussell Woodgrain.jpg

    KBB Matt Mussel Woodgrain
  • Matt Ontario Maple.jpg

    KBB Matt Ontario Maple
  • Matt Pippy Oak.jpg

    KBB Matt Pippy Oak
  • Matt Sonoma Oak.jpg

    KBB Matt Sonoma Oak
  • Matt Stone Woodgrain.jpg

    KBB Matt Stone Woodgrain
  • legno_taupe_grey.jpg

    KBB Matt Taupe Grey Woodgrain
  • Matt White Avola.jpg

    KBB Matt White Avola
  • Matt Winchester Oak.jpg

    KBB Matt Winchester Oak
  • Elite-and-Treviso-Matt-Cashmere-Woodgrain.jpg

    Elite and Treviso Matt Cashmere Woodgrain
  • Elite-and-Treviso-Matt-Dust-Grey-Woodgrain.jpg

    Elite and Treviso Matt Dust Grey Woodgrain
  • Elite-and-Treviso-Matt-Graphite-Woodgrain.jpg

    Elite and Treviso Matt Graphite Woodgrain
  • Elite-and-Treviso-Matt-Light-Grey-Woodgrain.jpg

    Elite and Treviso Matt Light Grey Woodgrain
  • legno_marine_blue.jpg

    KBB Matt Marine Blue Woodgrain
  • Elite-and-Treviso-White-Woodgrain.jpg

    Elite and Treviso White Woodgrain

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2. Hole Distance from Bottom (mm)

4. Hole Distance from Bottom (mm)

Standard Frame
Georgian/Specialist Frame
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