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KBB brings the best of Bellissimo to your screen
Introducing our Economique Range
Introducing Bellissimo Pisa Handle-less
Introducing our Treviso Handle-less Range
Special Offers at KBB Replacement Doors
Special Offers at KBB Replacement Doors
Introducing our Saturn High Gloss Range
Introducing our 5 Piece Shaker Range
Introducing our Sorrento Acrylic Range
NEW Colour Added: Gloss Apple Green Lumo
Treviso Handle-less Promotion Extended
That's right... more white!!
With KBB ColourMatch your choice of colours knows no limits!
Treviso Handle-less Bathroom doors
Introducing KBBs Sorrento Acrylic Range...
Grey’s time has come for Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms
Saturn High Gloss Replacement Bedroom Doors...
Concave, Convex & S Shaped curves: a choice at last!!
Wonderful woodgrain with Bellissimo Pisa from KBB
Economique Matt Finish Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors
Autumn Discount Offers on Replacement Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom doors
Matt colours steal the show from gloss...
KBB Top Tips...
FREE Delivery throughout UK & Northern Ireland Promotion
Elite MTM Woodgrain Replacement Cabinet Doors
Greys Time Has Come...
RAL colours available from KBB...
Low cost, High quality NEW Sicily Range
Bellissimo's Lucca is ultimate Five Piece Shaker package
Get the painted look... without paying the painted price...
Pisa Handle-less Matt Collection is landing soon...
KBB will match any colour you like...
Bespoke Radiator Cover from our Unus Painted Range
The Island is more than a preparation area. It is a piece of furniture which has become the centre of the house
Get the minimalistic look with our handle-less style bedroom
Bespoke Door/Panelling Service to create the perfect space
Cost to replace your Bathroom Doors cheaper than you think!
Transformation at KBB
Classic Shaker Style Kitchens
Before and After Kitchen Makeover
Give your kitchen the makeover it deserves this summer
Stay on Trend with KBB Replacement Doors in 2022
Get the Spa Aesthetic without the expense
You spend one third of your life sleeping, so why not have the perfect bedroom?
Get your kitchen Back-to-School Ready with KBB Replacement Doors
It's all about accessories
Treviso Bathroom Doors are in this season
Green is the new black this season
New Neutrals
Sleep Well in Luxury
Get the heart of the home ready for Christmas
Incorporate this season's trends into your bathroom
Create your own haven with KBB
Fenwick Style Kitchens
Bathroom ideas and inspiration
New Year, New Home Project
Sustainable Kitchen Upgrades: A Guide to Recycling Cupboard Doors in the UK
Choosing the Right Cupboard Doors
Decorating your kitchen for Christmas
Économique PVC Edged Kitchen Doors
Elite Made To Measure Kitchen Doors
Five Piece Shaker Kitchen Doors
Saturn High Gloss Kitchen Doors
Unus Painted Kitchen Doors
Sorrento Acrylic Kitchen Doors
Treviso Handle-less Kitchen Doors
Économique PVC Edged Bedroom Doors
Elite Made To Measure Bedroom Doors
Five Piece Shaker Bedroom Doors
Saturn Gloss Bedroom Doors
Sorrento Acrylic Bedroom Doors
Économique PVC Edged Bathroom Doors
Elite Made To Measure Bathroom Doors
Five Piece Shaker Bathroom Doors
Saturn High Gloss Bathroom Doors
Sorrento Acrylic Bathroom Doors
Unus Painted Bathroom Doors
Treviso Handle-less Bathroom Doors
Unus Painted Bedroom Doors
Treviso Handle-less Bedroom Doors
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